Interior Grade : Interior Grade Block Boards are bonded with superior grade melamine urea formaldehyde resin which gives our boards an advantage over other commercial grade boards. The use of the resin gives our boards enough strength to resist warm water upto 8 hours.


Exterior Grade : Exterior Grade Block Boards are bonded with superior grade phenol farmaldehyde resin which makes our product 108 hours boiling water proof at I00°C in place of the conventional 72 hours.


Block Boards

Mieco Block Board is a perfect combination of imported pine and gurjan wood. Frame of 100% seasoned pine wood with 3" wide stiles and fillers not exceeding 30 mm in width, gurjan core (cross-band in technical term) of 2.50 mm thick and gurjan face veneer of 0.50 mm are bonded with superior grade synthetic resin (conforming to IS:S48-1974 manufactured at our own resin plant) and pressed under high temperature and pressure resulting in a product with high mechanical strength, dimensional stability and excellent insulating properties. These boards finally pass through a specially self designed edge - sanding machine by which the natural figure (grains) of pine wood appear prominently at the edges giving an exceptional look to the boards.


Mieco Boards are weather proof and do not twist under wood working conditions. Fixed type preservatives are used in our boards to make them resistant to borersand termites.


Technical Specifications


Static Bending Strength:



Exterior Grade

Modulus of Rupture

45 N/mm2

55 N/mm2

Modulus of Elasticity

4500 N/mm2

5500 N/mm2


Standard Size (In Mtrs.)


2.44 X 1.22, 2.14 X 1.22, 1.84 X 1.22.

2.44 X 0.92, 2.14 X 0.92, 1.84 X 0.92.



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