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Mieco Marked M. R. Grade Plywood
is a changed version in arena or old belief of so called commercial plywood. Mieco Ply is bonded with melamine urea formaldehyde resin. The use of this resin gives our plywood enough strength to resist warm water upto 8 hrs. The performance suites to any interior creativity with painting, lamination and veneering works.


Mieco Marked 15. W. R Grade Plywood
is bonded with superior grade phenol formaldehyde resin, which makes the product 108 hours boiling water proof at lOOOc in place of the conventional 72 hours. Mieco Ply can withstand all climatic variations and extreme weather changes. Stress relieving measures at every stage makes them warp free and stable. Regular tests are carried out as per IS 1734 (Parts I to 20): 1983 for conforming the quality.


Technical Specifications



Approximately 0.7 gms/cc

Glue Shear Strength (Dry)

Minimum 135 Kg.

Glue Shear Strength (Wet)


(After 72 hours boiling at 100°C)

Minimum 100 Kg.

Tensile Strength

Approximately 600 Kg/cm2

Moisture Content


Swelling in Water

Less than 1%

Screw Holding Strength

Approximately 260 Kg.

Nail Holding Strength

Approximately 60 Kg.

Bending Strength



Standard Size (In Mtrs.)


2.44 X 1.22, 2.14 X 1.22, 1.84 X 1.22

2.44 X 0.92, 2.14 X 0.92. 1.84 X 0.92



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