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Skin Doors



Moulded Skin Doors
Moulded Skin Doors From its humble beginning as a wooden frame, it is transformed into a beautiful and functional door by laminating two pieces of moulded door skins over it. Honeycombs as wel as solid timber strips infill are then used to fill up the hollow core between the door skins for strength and stability.

The door skins are made of high quality HDF, which ensured minimal moisture retention and bloating, as compared to MDF door skins. Compared to other types of doors, skin doors have near to zero defects and do not expand or contract as much, even in extreme climate conditions. Even if they experience severe expansion and contraction, skin doors will still retain their shape.

Designed to provide optimum performance with minimum weight, Mieco Boards manufacturers a comprehensive range of quality doors for export market, locally and worldwide.

With Mieco Boards' skin doors, homeowner is able to enjoy the luxury of a solid door at a fraction of the price.

>> Benefits of Skin Doors
- Resist Cracking, Splitting or Shrinking.
- Resist joint separation
- Withstand extreme weather and climate conditions
- Cost-effective
- Preconditioned to achieve low moisture content

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